rep|ri|mand «noun. REHP ruh mand, -mahnd; verb. REHP ruh MAND, -MAHND», noun, verb.
a severe or formal reproof: »

the sharp reprimands that were sure to follow every act of negligence (John F. Kirk).

to reprove severely or formally; censure: »

The policeman reprimanded the driver for turning without a signal. aptain Wilson sent for the master, and reprimanded him for his oppression (Frederick Marryat).

SYNONYM(S): reprehend. See syn. under reprove. (Cf.reprove)
[< French réprimande, earlier réprimende, learned borrowing from Latin reprimenda a thing to be repressed, feminine gerundive of reprimere repress]
rep´ri|mand´er, noun.

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